Mount Bonnell Home Staging

Why invest in staging your home when selling?

Want to sell your home faster and for a better price?

Have it professionally staged prior to listing! Real estate market research shows that staging a home prior to listing can positively influence buyers in a number of ways, especially in making a home stand out when compared to others in the market, and by helping buyers envision themselves in the home. Both are factors in reducing time on the market and securing a higher sale price.

95% of buyers will see your house online before they see it in person. The importance of how well your home shows against the scores of other homes the typical buyer will peruse online cannot be overstated. It’s likely one of the top deciding factors in whether or not a potential buyer even bothers to attend an Open House. And, it’s little wonder that real estate experts rank staging among the top two “must-dos” for sellers.

Griffin Interiors’ staging services provide that needed “Wow!” for buyers while also creating a strong emotional attachment to the home.. You can rest easy knowing you did everything possible for a quick sale without leaving any money on the table!

Initial Staging Consultation

  • Curb appeal and interior assessment
  • Room-by-room evaluation
  • Placement quick-fixes for furniture and accessories
  • Paint, repairs, landscaping, furniture and accessory recommendations
  • Provide recommendations and priorities checklist
  • Staging tips and tricks for homeowners

Custom Staging (occupied or vacant homes)

  • Staging plan based on budget, buyer demographic, area, and market
  • Selection of color palette and, if needed, paints
  • De-cluttering, organizing, preliminary packing
  • Addition of furniture, art, and accessories as needed
  • Full design plan and installation/arrangement of furniture and accessories